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Shaii Jaff

Lives & works in DC metro area


I am a skilled, efficient, and adaptable designer dedicated to helping clients’ businesses reach new heights with unique and engaging branding and advertising solutions, for both print and web.

I believe that effective design plays to the client’s strengths and what makes them unique. Design should be professional and marketable, but not at the expense of individuality on any level.

Graphic design is a developed passion that was a natural progression of the interest in the arts I have had since I was young. I first started my college career as a computer science student, against my first instinct. I eventually realized that that field was not for me, and I made the switch to study graphic design and have dedicated my time to improving my skills ever since. My goal is to become a well-rounded designer with experience and skills in every specialization of the graphic design field.

Alongside graphic design, I also enjoy painting, illustrating, sewing, reading, and exploring many other art forms and hobbies. 

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